Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Coffee Much!?

Ok, I'm not quite sure how I made it through my pregnancy without drinking caffeinated coffee. Seriously, I NEED coffee to function these days. I love many kinds of coffee, but I just heard about a great contest for 100% Colombian Coffee. If you are like me, you want in on some FREE coffee.

Check this out:
Enter the weekly contest for 100% Colombian Coffee and the grand prize of $10,000!

The website offers more information about 100% Colombian Coffee and how to know that you are drinking the best!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Great opportunity for clean clothing!

Go to and read the "Wisk Pimp my Laundry RoomSM" contest and the rules and details. You could win a laundry room makeover! I know MY laundry room can use a makeover! I am partnering with BSM Media for a Wisk contest with product giveaway. After I try the product, I will let you know how it works for our family!