Friday, July 6, 2012

Great deal on Cascade & a Review!

Happy HOT HOT summer to those in the Midwest :)  Sending you cool thoughts while I keep my preggo body INSIDE and post some good deals!  Since its so hot, I've been making purchases on Amazon instead of heading out to Target for my monthly trip.  Maybe you will to!?

This is a GREAT deal on Cascade.

Clip the coupon (in details of this item) to get $1 off.  Increase the sweetness by choosing Subscribe and Save (I always cancel mine before a second shipment). That takes the price even lower to $4.48 (FREE Shipping and limited tax, too!)  Check out the link. 

We love the liquid stuff in our 2 year old dishwasher.  It seems to work better than the packets and the dry powder.  We just often get better deals on the powder or packets.

I'd like to offer my opinion on a website that a few friends might have singed up for.  Its called 

I THOUGHT I would try it out to sell or get rid of some items.  My review is my own personal opinion and experience with the site. I just don't want my friends to fall in the same pit.

  • First, I hate that it makes me sign in with Facebook and it posts on my behalf.  BIGGEST pet peeve.
  • Second, the search Super STINKS and its hard to even shop for anything.
  • Third, there is NO way to know if someone is a bad seller. The feedback doesn't show publicly.  
  • Fourth, customer service is non-existent. I contacted them and never heard back.
  • Fifth, the BUYER has to pay the fees.  It jacks up the price for the "inexpensive" items. NOT worth it. 
  • Finally, I had a horrible experience buying with my "free photons."  I bought something OVER a month ago and got it yesterday.  I even contacted the seller and the customer service (cordially) inquiring about my order. It's not worth the stuff they have on the site.

    PLEASE don't get burned by this site!

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  1. I somehow got on this site also when I was looking for an owl hat for my nephew. Seems really strange. The whole Photon thing is super annoying. Love getting great money saving tips from you though!