Monday, October 3, 2011

How I Get my Husband on Board for Savings

First, I write this blog with COMPLETE selfishness. I am actually writing this blog to help pull my husband along the ride of all things savings.  You see, he doesn't understand how writing, reading and DEAL shopping can be fun.  I love ALL these things.  This is one more way to get him on board.

Before I get into the post, I want to share a little more with you about SwagBucks. Today is a big SwagBucks day, and I thought it was important to share how to SAVE ON CHRISTMAS GIFTS--or really all year. 

The essence is this: 1) sign up for a SwagBucks account here and get 30 SwagBucks as a new account!, (enter BIGTIMEBUCKS for an extra 70 bucks LAST DAY!!) its free and I like to recommend people set their homepage to 2)Then, just search for things (I search for Google, Facebook, Gmail, and other regular things in addition to many others).  You start earning points or bucks and can redeem 450 Swagbucks for a $5 Amazon Gift card!

BACK to Hubby....
I really needed him on board a LITTLE bit with these small things: time and space.  For time, I needed a few hours per week to have without my little guy. Hubby is extremely gracious and gives me lots of time for my retail Savings therapy.  Space--well, that is a big thing. I need somewhere to store all my amazing deals and lovely plunder!  I have a few cabinets downstairs, but I'm sure he would want it organized better.
I also must get hubby on board and SHOW HIM the benefits. He never has to run out in the middle of the night (or early morning) for diapers, toilet paper, womenly needs products, razors, candles paper towels, or soap of any kind.  At this point in time, after nearly four years of couponing, he MIGHT be taking this for granted.  For instance....He was frustrated at me when I bought two Sunday newspapers to arrive on our doorstep.  I really wanted 8--but just compromised down to two.  I gently reminded him that I could get 6 additional papers ordered.

Lastly, I help hubby get what he wants. He gets to shop at the local butcher instead of a regular grocery store (grilling meat is a high priority here!) and he can choose to drink yummy beer instead of light/cheap/not-as-good-in-our-opinion-beer.
 In addition, this means that I do most of the shopping for all things home and all things meal related.  This also often translates into me organizing and cooking many meals (minus the grilling which we do often).  SO, all in all....hubby should WANT me to be obsessed with deals, coupons and price-matchups.  In addition to loving the thrill of couponing, he gets a fully stocked home, good meat, good beer and a FOUR HOUR BREAK from his wife when I shop.  These sound like great benefits to me!

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