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First and foremost, MAN a lot of time has passed since the last blog.  Well, I have to say that I was busy. Not in just the normal RUN AROUND CRAZY kind of busy.....but the....guard your time to spend it mostly with family.

Batson Family, Easter 2011

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE blogging, couponing, searching for deals and Targeting. I needed a little break to support my loving husband.  You see, this is his LAST week of his MBA classes.  With those classes two nights per week, a Bible study one night per week and me teaching one night per week....that leaves us with.....crashing on Fridays!  No, really....we sit on the couch staring at each other like "What just happened to our week?  Why is our house SO dirty/messy/undone?"  We both made a lot of sacrifices for his program, but Jerret made a HUGE one when he couldn't spend time with me and Eph.

Speaking of SCHOOL....I SAVE MONEY on Amazon Prime!  And, as a student or person in school with an ".edu" email address, you can get FREE Prime!  Check it out here.  I have had an Amazon account forever....but I just logged in then added my address and YAHOO! I have FREE Prime.  If you are a mom and don't have a .edu address, try out Amazon Prime for moms here!

(If you are thinking....she keeps putting links in so she gets paid from Amazon.  WELL, at the moment, I am attempting to figure all this money making on the blog deal. SO, I am flat broke and don't get much of anything at the moment for sharing my opinion with you. I do plan on having that change in the near future, so check out my disclaimer here.....although it doesnt apply yet....since I'm not making any money!)

What is Amazon Prime you might ask?  It is FREE Shipping (and super fast too) on MOST orders that are shipped by Amazon. I seriously NEVER buy from "the other guys" anymore if I can get a brand new book/dvd/movie or whatever for the same or cheaper through Prime. It just doesn't make sense!  There are NO minimum orders (the trick is, that usually the used books are like $0.50, but those arne't shipped through Amazon.  So, that wouldn't apply)  

Check it out....I just bought this book by Jon Acuff.  I pre-ordered the book and it was released through Amazon BEFORE it was released on the webiste.  I thought it was a great idea.....starting what I love instead of my regular day job.

 I also ordered something I thought would be pretty the same guy, Jon Accuff.  I ordered Stuff Christians Like.  The book is a bunch of "thoughts" on traditional (annoying?) things Christians do. 

My point? Amazon Prime is AMAZING!!!!!

Another great way to save money is by subscribing to FREE magazines!  I check out this site for their freebies about once per month.  They do change, and there are good "deals" all the time.  I don't pay for any magazines.  I only get them free.  The site is called SlickDeals, and I have a love/hate relationship with it.  For me, it is WAY too much information in one place. I really don't know how or where to start.  I get stuck in a rut and can't find my way out!  So, I stick to the main page of deals that gets updated regularly and the Freebies link (I sent you to that one above!)  At the moment, there are a ton of boy magazines.  NOTE: when you sign up for these things, you end up getting a lot of junk mail and email.  Give an old email or one you don't check often!

I have paid for two of Jerret's magazines, but with Amazon gift cards from Swag Bucks, not with money out of my paycheck.  Remember SwagbucksCheckout these other posts about Swag Bucks if you forgot!

Some printable grocery coupons to hold you over....checkout or

Next post is coming soon....I'll talk with you about my grocery savings struggle.  To be a grocery store snob or to not!  I will post before Monday, May 9!  Be on the look out!

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