Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Favorite Things--Ways to Save

I have personally used these methods in helping my family save money and get great deals. If you have questions, I would love to answer them!

I'm currently a Bzz Agent. Checkout the website, its a pretty awesome concept. In essence there are agents all over the country to "bzz" (or talk about) different products they are trying or get for free to try out. I have tried nearly a dozen different products and love getting feedback from the structured forum (you submit two "reports" and someone reviews the reports and gives you a honeycomb....the more honeycombs the more products you get to try!)

I was just picked to participate in the Covergirl NatureLuxe product. While I haven't received me free product and bzz kit (coupons and sometimes product to SHARE!) I did receive a free sample from the company. I tried the NatureLuxe silk foundation sample for four days, and I really do love it. My face felt HYDRATED and covered without feeling bulky or thick. I will update you once I get my other samples from being a BzzAgent and try the product for two full weeks! Interested in sharing your opinion as a Bzz Agent (you don't need a blog! Word of mouth is bzz too!) Check out the FAQs here

All You Reality Checker is a panel and a fun way to learn about new products and to share your opinion on products you like. They also give you free products to try and offer great coupons and incentives.

We often rent movies through RedBox because they are cheap, located in many places and have movies we like. If you have never rented through and you go through this link, you can get a FREE one-night rental! As I increase the blog posts, I will post additional FREE codes to rent movies for free.

In addition to AllYou Reality Checker, I also subscribe to the AllYou Magazine. It has TONS of great coupons and I can usually pair the All You Manufacturer coupons with STORE Coupons (like Target or Walgreens) to get double savings!

A link below to checkout the magazine on Amazon.

This bring me to my FAVORITE online shopping WHY do I like Amazon so much?
  1. Well, first you can get FREE shipping on everything through the Amazon Prime account. There are several ways to get a FREE Amazon Prime account like Amazon Mom or if anyone in your household is a student with an .edu address, you can join Amazon Student here
  2. I earn FREE Amazon giftcards through SwagBucks, the search and win program
  3. Amazon often has coupon books you can use like the ones here. It is SUPER easy to apply an Amazon coupon to your order and just watch your order total go down! I love that.
  4. And finally, I do find great deals and prices on In fact, I even have an app on my phone for Amazon checkout. Its pretty awesome. I will post additional periodic deals and steals on Amazon because I love it and get so many great prices on diapers, wipes, Charmin Toilet Paper, Bounty Paper Towels, wedding gifts, shower gifts and even SHOES!


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